….I’m so happy to be signed at Motech Records.  Great start of 2014! More info soon….
….2014 Motech release schedule from the Motech artist! www.discogs.com/label/7283-Motech

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Dima Deepmix & Max Grabke Sapovnela Studio: Meridian
Shadows That Echo | Zaubermilch Records

Notes & Tracklist

[00] Conforce – Aquinas Control [Delsin]
[07] Veronique Page – Shadows That Echo [Zaubermilch]
[13] Memphis, Alex Sosa – Waiting For A Dream [Circuit]
[20] Nachtbraker – Today [Deep Edition]
[27] Backlash (Egal 3 Remix) – Maximiljan
[31] Matthias Meyer – Insomnia [PUSH Communications]
[39] Maximiljan – Backlash (Egal 3 Remix) [Microzoo]
[45] Bocca Grande – Even If (Morning Factory Remix) [Rebirth]


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1. Duererstuben – Sonnenblut Am Platz Der Perlen (Original Mix)
2. Veronique Page – Other People Places (Original Mix)
3. Marc Depulse – Westbalkon (Instrumental)
4. Nayan Soukie, Sebo – Everything Will Change (Original Mix)
5. Danza Macabra. – Interpretation Of Dreams (Original Mix)
6. Aldo Cadiz, Basti Grub – Pequeno (Original Mix)
7. Felix Cage – Voyage To Saturn (Pazul Remix)
8. Marc Poppcke, Luis Hill – Leap In The Dark (Original Mix)
9. Extrawelt – Neuland (Robag Wruhme Rekksmow 001)
10. Piemont – Deeps Or Skies (Original Mix)
11. Davide Squillace, Philip Bader – Wild Things
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Some Feedback:
Luke Taylor (Face + Heel)
New EP from Veronique Page sounding absolutely gorgeous.
Really warm and techy. Had us both dropping what we were
working on nodding along wistfully…
Thomas Eriksson (Planet E, Kant)
That’s some good stuff there, I really like the
deepness of the production. Both are well produced
and what a sound scape you are building. Great stuff!
DISTORTION (Bedrock Records)
Both tracks are really good, but the one for me is
L’espace Du Obscure. Really nice arrangements
and textures throughout. I will play both though.
Electric Indigo (Gigolo Records)
I very much like the production of the two tracks
there is a lot of both space and presence in the music.
Aujourd’hui disparu is my pick here.
Lilith, USA (Monique Musique)
Amazing sounds
Miss Sunshine, CR (Monocline Records)
beautifully done tracks!
John Buckley (Antiqua Music)
Love your sound
Mirko, Italy (Etichetta Nera)
Both tracks are really nice
Adna Ramon, (Safari Numerique )
very powerful tracks
Merlyn Martin, UK (Subdivisions)
I really dig the ‘Aujourd’hui disparu’ track
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Veronique Page – Other People Places
After quite a while, Eminor is finally putting their feet
into a totally different ground of musical approach again.
Other People Places is a dense and very focused Dub-tune,
which will certainly unfold its very own magic in the right
Faze Magazine:
Veronique Page und deren Nummer
“Other People Places” eine ganz eigenständige Produktion.
Irgendwo in den Welten zwischen 3/4 Beat und Dub ist diese
luftig-leichte Nummer einzuordnen und macht die Platte auch
zu einem Geheimtipp. Meines Erachtens ein Highlight in
diesem Monat und deshalb auch für Veroniques Nummer
die volle Punktzahl.
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December 2011 : Arnaud Le Texier and Jamma & Max (Bread & Butter)

The 2 hours monthly Safari Electronique Radioshow is broadcasted on German radio www.sceen.fm
(once a month from 3pm to 5pm CET), on iTunes and, of course, on this website. It features the latest
and freshest dance music around, brought to you by Arnaud Le Texier and a guest, every month.

Jamma & Max (Bread & Butter)

01 – Clime – Marcel Dettmann – MDR
02 – The Labyrinth – Raengenz – Ostgut Ton
03 – Speechless – Radio Slave RMX – InFine
04 – Alex Flatner & Lopazz – This – Poker Flat
05 – Memories of Winter-Andy Bach RMX -Veronique Page
06 – Cloud – Sasse RMX – Abstract Theory
07 – Marcell Dettmann – Plain – Beatstreet
08 – Little People – Sascha Dive RMX – Ghostly International
09 – Overwhelming-Hansi Ruting RMX – Quimica Records
10 – Fabio Alampi – Confiara – Vibe Me
11 – Delta Funktionen – Esaustary – Ann Aimee
12 – A Square – Magnetic Waves – Globox
13-  Arnaud Le Texier – Ingredients – Children of Tomorrow
14 – Digitaline – The Invisible Hand – Raoul

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