Veronique Page | Aujourd’hui Disparu | Eminor Binary

Veronique Page
EMINOR binary 23

Some Feedback:

Luke Taylor (Face + Heel)
New EP from Veronique Page sounding absolutely gorgeous.

Really warm and techy. Had us both dropping what
we were
working on nodding along wistfully…

Thomas Eriksson (Planet E, Kant)
That’s some good stuff there, I really like the
of the production. Both are well produced
and what a sound
scape you are building. Great stuff!

DISTORTION (Bedrock Records)
Both tracks are really good, but the one for me is

L’espace Du Obscure. Really nice arrangements
and textures throughout.
I will play both though.

Electric Indigo (Gigolo Records)
I very much like the production of the two tracks
there is a lot of
both space and presence in the music.

Aujourd’hui disparu is my pick here.

Lilith, USA (Monique Musique)
Amazing sounds

Miss Sunshine, CR (Monocline Records)
beautifully done tracks!

John Buckley (Antiqua Music)
Love your sound

Mirko, Italy (Etichetta Nera)
Both tracks are really nice

Adna Ramon, (Safari Numerique )
very powerful tracks

Merlyn Martin, UK (Subdivisions)
I really dig the ‘Aujourd’hui disparu’ track