I Want to Believe EP – Motech Records

Brought up in Quebec and currently living in Amsterdam, | Veronique Page
provides one of our favourite imprints
Motech Records with her latest release,
‘I Want to Believe’ E.P.
Page brings four dynamic, internationally inspired tracks
to her
initial Motech release, demonstrating her influence from the simplicity,
minimalism and beauty that is woven into the land
there and shaped by the
gentle passion that flows through the
people and culture.

Two mixes of ‘I Want to Believe’ appear, the Acid Mix, an acid -steeped dancefloor burner set to make its way into main room sets across the globe, and the Alternate Mix, a rolling, synth funk burner. ‘The Rhythm of Life’ mixes equal parts Detroit and Berlin to create a minimal, yet very cerebral offering. The EP’s fourth track Shadows of the Greys keeps the EP grounded with a solid blend of synth and percussion patterns which are listener friendly, but also electronically engaging // by Paul Eeles, in Techno

1. I Want to Believe (ACID MIX)
2. I Want to Believe (ALTERNATE MIX)
3. The Rhythm of Life
4. Shadows of the Greys