My Fade to Black EP has dropped today on DETROIT UNDERGROUND.
Detroit Underground is not just a record label but an Institute for electronic music.
Thanks KERO for all your hard work over the past months.

[ Tracklist ]
1. Veronique Page – Fade to Black
2. Fade to Black (DJ 3000 Remix)
3. Veronique Page – People of the Rising Sun
4. People of the Rising Sun (Myles Sergé Clark Sunkiss Remix)
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Veronique Page a producer, synth & vinyl collector, she loves hidden places,
nature, wildlife /loves science & the secrets of the universe, a traveler, a real
citizen of the world. Veronique is a Canadian born, Montreal based artist
who’s beguiling sound is a mix of appealing atmospheres and dark
emotions, keenly bolted onto minimalism and techno. Veronique was
brought up in Quebec where she is greatly influenced by the simplicity,
minimalism and beauty that is woven into the land there and shaped by the
gentle passion that flows through the people and their culture. She is
inspired by the world and all it contains, and has traveled widely in her life with
a thirst for exploration and discovery. She released her first celebrated
EP on Hamburg based label Zaubermilch in 2012. Other labels involved
in her work are Motech (US), Eminor (DE) and Detroit Underground.


Future Past History EP / Zaubermilch Records / For our next release
we proudly present a 3 tracker from one of our favorite female artists.
It is our pleasure to have Veronique Page from Amsterdam bless us
with her new tunes which features a complex soundscape that crosses
many different musical genres.

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Download Here

Memories of Winter EP / Zaubermilch Records / Veronique Page is a Dutch talent
out of Amsterdam who has been on the electronic scene for some years now.
She presents her first release now on Zaubermilch Records. Melancholic Techno
tunes, perfectly for long winter nights.

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Download Here

Dave Clarke Whitenoise podcast with my track !   “The Rhythm of Life” Motech Records
Dave Clarke’s Whitenoise #489 / Download this show now from RTÉ /

Veils – Vault The Cut (Original Mix) –
Northern Structures Slow – Kill Frenzy This Track Is For You –
Ford Foster Foundation v3 – E Dancer Listen 2 Malcolm – Rennie Foster
The Rhythm of Life – Veronique Page
Down by Law (Charcott RMX) –
Rennie Foster 7 Pot (Kleinfeld Rmx) – Lado Work This – Housemeister Wolves –
Pip Williams De-Rezz – Darkmode Alien Lab – Binalog Frequency

Brought up in Quebec and currently living in Amsterdam, | Veronique Page provides one of our favourite imprints Motech Records with her latest release, ‘I Want to Believe’ E.P. Page brings four dynamic, internationally inspired tracks to her initial Motech release, demonstrating her influence from the simplicity, minimalism and beauty that is woven into the land there and shaped by the gentle passion that flows through the people and culture.

Two mixes of ‘I Want to Believe’ appear, the Acid Mix, an acid -steeped dance floor burner set to make its way into main room sets across the globe, and the Alternate Mix, a rolling, synth funk burner. ‘The Rhythm of Life’ mixes equal parts Detroit and Berlin to create a minimal, yet very cerebral offering. The EP’s fourth track Shadows of the Greys keeps the EP grounded with a solid blend of synth and percussion patterns which are listener friendly, but also electronically engaging // by Paul Eeles, in Techno

Veronique Page – Other People Places
After quite a while, Eminor is finally putting their feet into a totally different ground of musical approach again. Other People Places is a dense and very focused Dub-tune, which will certainly unfold its very own magic in the right surrounding.

Veronique Page – Other People Places / Eminor Records [EP, Vinyl 12″] / Beatport | Discogs

Faze Magazin Review: Veronique Page und deren Nummer “Other People Places” eine ganz eigenständige Produktion. Irgendwo in den Welten zwischen 3/4 Beat und Dub ist diese luftig-leichte Nummer einzuordnen und macht die Platte auch zu einem Geheimtipp. Meines Erachtens ein Highlight in diesem Monat und deshalb auch für Veroniques Nummer die volle. Punktzahl. 9 Points /PatrickS Faze Redaktion